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If you are thinking of starting an online business you can get overwhelmed!

It’s no secret that many tools and resources are needed in order to start and grow your online business, problem is  there are like a zillion choices nowadays….I thought I’d simplify the task and offer a list of resources and apps that have helped me!

Let’s dive in…

The must haves

Let’s start with the must have tools to run an online business. To make online business as simple as possible, we abide by one rule, “build an audience and sell them what they want”. Based on this belief, there are only two must have paid tools you need to start and grow any type of online business:

  1. Website
  2. Email List

After running online businesses for over 2 years, these are the current tools that are essential to my business right now…

Website Hosting and Design


This is a great option that is affordable and simple to use. Packages start at 2.88$/month. When I am starting a new online brand, I host it on WordPress by Namecheap. Customer service is great and quick!

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Domain Racer(Growth Option)

This is a great option that offers three packages: creating a website, building a business or creating your own virtual platform server.

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No code necessary in order to make changes to your site with Elementor. This is a great option to basically help anyone customize their site.

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Digital marketing


A great way to start, easy to use. Email marketing, ads, landing pages, and automation tools to grow your business on your terms.

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For those looking to take email marketing and automation to the next level, there’s AWEBER. As your list grows, you will want to start creating more in-depth marketing campaigns and for that, there is no better option than Aweber. They offer live support by phone as well as chat and email.

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By far the best email marketing option for newbie digital entrepreneurs is ConvertKit. It’s simple touse, they have incredible customer support and the pricing is the most competitive on the market

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Graphics Design


A little more difficult then Canva but worth the look. You can create logos, banners, remove backgrounds in pictures and so much more!

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No matter what you’re looking to design, from blog post images to video thumbnails for Youtube and even custom images for Instagram, Canva can do it all for you. It’s free to use with a the paid upgrade option available which you will probably eventually end up using because it’s only $10 a month.

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A FREE site that offers high definition free for commercial use videos and pictures. Browse the best free photos contributed by our talented community of photographers.

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Virtual Assistant


You can hire a virtual assistant from all over the world to take care of basically anything: graphic design, website creation,

content creation, logo makers, and so much more…

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Another great option to virtual delegate professionals to do what they do best so you can focus on what you do best.

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Time Management Journal

90 x Goal planner

A great resource for any entrepreneur to write down daily, weekly and monthly goals. Keep your thoughts and tasks in one neat place. You can also

customize the journal with your name and logo.

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Screw the nine to five

 This is legit one of my FAVES! This the married couple is hilarious! They tackle online business, mindset and affiliate marketing. Their mission is to have the freedom to work from wherever they choose and help others do the same!

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Online Marketing made easy

A great resource that offers great value to anyone with an online business or someone just starting out. From online course creation to email list expansion, this podcast has it all!

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