Four quick tips to move your business forward

Mindful Morning Routine


When I decided to start a business from home with 4 kids to take care of, I found myself anxious and stressed that I wasn’t doing enough to move my business forward. I also felt immense guilt for spending so much time in front of my laptop while my kids played. I knew that something needed to change so I cam up with the following 4 golden rules I abide by.

 1. Set your alarm and wake up early! : I’m not going to lie, this will suck at the beginning, like BIG TIME SUCK but once your body grows accustomed to the early wake up call, its gets so much more easier and pleasant. I know from experience as a mom to 4 kids at home, working on my business in the afternoon was impossible. There was so much to do with the kids and the last thing I wanted was to be glued to the screen so i adjusted my schedule around and now my mornings are my most productive. The alarm is set, I light a candle, sip some coffee, meditate, write in my journal and fire up my pc and get to work, NO SCROLLING, NO TIME WASTING only activities that will grow my business. It also helps if you map out your morning the night before example: tomorrow I need to do these three things …


2. Find an accountability partner: Women entrepreneurs are a rare breed! It’s so important to surround yourself with other women that speak your language aka funnels, content creation, splitting ads, personal growth, … you get my drift. I love talking about my business but not when i’m around let’s say my mom who only talks about cooking and cleaning the house….. Find women that can help support you and have them be your accountability partner! Don’t know anyone? Well, I can help! Here’s the link to my free groups where the only rule I have is NO  NEGATIVE TROLLS ALOUD!


3. Set Intentions : It is so crucial to set your intention for the week on every monday! And I don’t mean : I will make a million dollars by Friday! No!!!! Although that   would be awesome, I’m talking about setting intentions that will help lead you in your business and life. For example: this week my intention will be focus ! I will stop scrolling social media and be mindful of where I focus my energy and time. Does it align with my values? Is it moving my business forward?


4. Give yourself grace in the weekends: This is THE BEST TIP I could give any woman working for herself! You need time to disconnect, recharge your batteries and let loose!

Spend your weekends sleeping in, being active, cooking up your favourite meals, visiting friends and family, playing with your kids, shopping and just enjoying life! I promise that if you spent your mornings mindfully throughout the week moving your business forward then you dereve to disconnect knowing you got your shit done like a boss!

In conclusion, whatever morning ritual you decide to practise, make it sacred! As entrepreneurs we are so wired in always being on the go that the thought of slowing down scares us…..It shouldn’t though…Take the slow time to align with your vision, enjoy fun things and let your creativity flow!

Comment below with your morning routine!

Christina Rizakos

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