Beginners guide for moms wanting to work from home

Work from home ideas for women

According to forbes.comMillennial women may have grown up as the first generation virtually immersed in technology, but when it comes to tradition, more millennial women are working at home compared to their mothers and the women who came before. And thanks to technology, they don’t have to miss out on jobs while doing so.” More women are choosing to work from home and raise their kids.

This became so apparent to me after babies # 3-4 were born.I searched for a way to be at home with my kids but still contribute financially.

Possibilities are endless! We are living in such an exciting time where you can run a business off your iphone!! More and more businesses are moving in the online space… and with good reason…. When’s the last time you were out and did not see someone scrolling through their iphone?  Whether you agree or not, this is our world today! So, my question to you is : why not offer value to other people by starting your own online business instead of the hour less scrolling time warp we all fall into?

In this article I touch upon 8 fields that I see more and more women move into and of course that I have dabbled in as well.

1.Create an online course

I know what you’re thinking… “there’s no way I can be a teacher “  …. You’re probably telling yourself, you don’t know enough about a subject to teach… but don’t think for  second you need to be teaching rocket science to make a change or offer a service . There’s something that you do better than other people that you can share with the world.

Good news is, you can create an online course that kicks butt and offers value to others online!!

Some example are:

Gardening, baking, decluttering, workouts, editing documents, teaching moms how to create a weekly meal plan for their family, designing clothing ….. You get my drift…. The possibilities are endless and with business changing and everything moving to the online space, this is a great way to get started!

Choose a topic and validate it.

How?  It can be as easy as pre selling your course to a “tester” group.

Or Asking people to fill out a survey about the topic you have chose to teach online. Listen to what people express and take it from there….

I don’t know how? …..I got you!

This is where the fun begins…. You probably own a smartphone right? Well…. Congrats! You have your camera! Now you can either spend a few hours youtubing free courses or sign up for a FREE LIVE TRAINING: 7 Steps to Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course


Learn the easiest way to create your own online school and set up your first course using the platform Teachable click  here….. To reserve your spot in a free course

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Although personal and virtual assistant jobs do not sound glamorous, they do pay well. If you have already held this job in an office, you will find the digital version allows for a lot more freedom.

Use services like or Fiverr to find clients.

You can choose:

  • Your clients
  • Your hours
  • Your hourly, daily, or monthly pay rate

Also you will see there are assistants doing pretty much every type of work such as playing a video game with you, increasing your IG followers to creating content for your blog…. People want to free up their time and offering services that can help them do that is a great way to earn income from home.

3. E-commerce store owner

If you have a great product, but no money to invest in a physical storefront, staff, and bills, why not set yourself up online? Aside from the lack of huge monetary investment and time commitment, the marketing opportunities online are endless. Also, although a storefront is great for branding purposes, it does limit the size and scope of your audience. By setting yourself up with an e-commerce store, you can:

  • Sell to anyone in the world
  • Have a store that is open 24/7 (meaning you literally make money in your sleep)
  • Run promotions easily, whenever you want
  • Cross-sell between your marketing and social media platforms and your website
  • Run marketing campaigns through Google and other platforms

Websites to check out are,,

4. Meal planner

There are loads of people who love food but don’t have the first clue about what to buy. They are either not very confident in the kitchen, don’t know the first thing about a balanced diet, or struggle with maintaining a budget. As a meal planner, you would:

  • Create a list of ingredients
  • Create step-by-step recipes for your customers to follow
  • Explain the nutritional value of the meals to educate your customers
  • Explain to them how they are saving money by sticking to your meal plans

5. Network marketing

Creating passive residual income ! What does that mean? Think about RECEIVING money regardless of your involvement. THAT is residual income. Money that comes into your household whether you roll over in bed or out of bed.

One residual income model is network marketing. It is the cheapest way to start your own business. When you sign up with a company, you are given access to training, a support system, yout own website and a starting kit. What I love about this business model is that you don’t need to worry about shipping and returns. The company takes care of all of that.

You can earn money on your initial efforts over and over but I will warn you, you DO have to put in effort in the beginning and it’s rarely based on luck. The good thing is all you have to do is look at your alternatives, not too many sales jobs or regular jobs where you could earn residual income regardless of your work output.

I’m sure you have used a product and told a bunch of your friends about it!! Now imagine if for every friend who purchased the same product you made commission???  That is network marketing!!

Best part, you deal with people that are like minded, you chose who you want to work with and you basically work off social media, you tube, blog or IG. I started my first network marketing  at home business helping other moms get healthy and live fulfilling lives as I worked on my own weight loss journey!

Best part…. There are network marketing companies in every single field imaginable! From makeup ,and fitness to wine and soap…..

6. Blogger



Blogging has become so popular these days, there are blogs pretty much for every single imaginable topic. Find something that fuels you and start writing!

Add value to your people and they will flock to you.How does a blog make you money? Well, if you are successful at building an audience and an email list , you can serve your tribe at a deeper level here’s an example:  Mary loves cooking healthy meals. She comes up with great recipes for her family and kids. She has a following and an active IG account. She sends out weekly newsletters touching base with her audience. Once her audience likes and trusts her, she may offer an online course on cooking, or a paid meal prep group, or refer great kitchen hacks that help her throughout the day, or write a cookbook for e kindle….. Cool right?

I’m sure you’ve pressed on the purchase button after reading a review on a product that was written up by someone you like and trust right?

You see, the possibilities are endless. I’m getting excited over here!!!!!! Leading with what you love doing will serve others and create income.

Don’t know how to set up a blog? Mini course alert!!!!!! Here’s a quick course to get you started.


7. Affiliate marketing

MY favourite by far! Connecting people with what they are looking for and getting a commission.


  • You don’t need to create a course or product to sell
  • You don’t need to create an online store selling this item
  • All you need is a link directing your viewers to the product to purchase
  • There are affiliate programs for everything!!!!! From course and retreats to cameras and clothing.

Best part, if you already have a website, you can   layer in your affiliate products by giving reviews or creating content around the eproduct. For example: Mary owns an online fitness website with workouts and meal plans. She is reviewing the top 5 yoga mats  on her blog this week including links to purchase. She gets the commission, viewers buy the best yoga mat for them. Easy peasy.



  • Since there are a ton of programs to choose from this may overwhelm people.
  • Having an affiliate link is not enough, you need to write content or reviews in order for viewers to feel comfortable\ purchasing.

Check this article out for more info

8. Become a coach

Most of us have been through something crappy in our lives that we had to overcome…. Why not help others going through exactly what u went through? Whether it’s a divorce, illness or death, people are suffering. Imagine you could offer your expertise on getting out of whatever their circumstances are and getting on with their life! My sister was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 35, she was a mom of 2, active then bam!!! Complete hysterectomy and partial colon removal. Followed by 6 months chemo . She overcame it, bounced back stronger and now helps other young moms going through cancer through with her new support group

To see if coaching is right for you, you can follow a free informational session here


In conclusion, I hope you have the courage to step up and live your life the way you want it to be lived! Possibilities are endless when looking for ways to work from home. Whatever you decide to do, lead with happiness and purpose and success will surely follow!

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