Being a mom is the loneliest job on the planet.

No one said it was easy…. Far from it.

This message is for the mom out there that questions if she is only one that feels extremely alone…..

Mom reading this, you have a superpower! You really do. You do so much all day long! The mommy marathon is intense…grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, school homework, drop offs and the list goes on and on!
You do all this without a second thought, it’s all the you know right? It’s completely normal to not pluck your brows for a few weeks or shave one leg and forget the other right?!

There are times when you feel like you got this motherhood thing down and that you are untouchable. Other times, you feel as though you are the worst mom on the planet and that nothing you are doing works.

I get it! We’ve all been there! The days without showering, wearing the same clothes for 4 days straight, looking like a hot mess and forgetting that you own mascara and lipstick….

There are days when all you want to do is sleep in, maybe have a cup of coffee in bed and watch Netflix til noon…. But you can’t …

And that’s a-ok! You are in this season of your life where your priority is taking care of younger kids to make sure they start off their life successfully. You can NOT do it all! Even though you want to. You see, this season of your life may feel like the loneliest but it’s the most important. You are shaping tomorrow’s world…. How BIG is that! No pressure.

Even though your plans of starting a business, losing weight, picking up a hobby or anything else you have a burning desire for may have to be placed on hold for now, for your sanity more than anything else, it doesn’t mean that it will never be brought to life.
Mom, you need to be patient with yourself, give yourself some grace and know that although sometimes it’s hard not to resent everyone around you for taking up so much of your energy, that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Your time is coming….

From a sleep deprived mom to another

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