3 Busy mom’s cheat sheet to have the best 2019 ever!

Another year out the door and a new year are upon us in a few days. How many of you take this time to reflect on the year past?   Are you happy this year is over? Are you ready to start 2019 with a clean slate?

In all honesty, I used to wait for January 1st to start new projects, to get my life in order, to start a budget, to start watching what I ate…..What I found is that my year never really got better… I mean I

would stick to my resolutions, then February would roll around and slowly I would forget and then only felt like MORE OF a failure that I never committed to anything!

It wasn’t until I really got clear about what I wanted out of my life that I could actually even begin to think about goals for the new year.

I was tired of showing up in life half-assed and I knew deep down that I wanted bigger and better things for myself!

I put aside all the feelings I had of being worthy or good enough and I focused on what I wanted to achieve and how that would impact my family.

Here is my cheat sheet to have the best 2019 EVER!

  • ALIGNMENT: This is the KEY to happiness! Feeling as though every single decision you make feels aligned with your inner being. Imagine that every step you took from now on felt more and more aligned with your gifts, your values, and purpose? Are you aligned? Are you showing up every day to a job you love? Are you waking up every morning excited about your life?
  • SAY NO MORE:  We are super busy and that’s a fact! Why the heck would you add more stuff on your plate if you REALLY don’t feel like doing it? Be okay with saying no more often in 2019 to make room for what really matters to you.
  • GET READY TO GET UNCOMFORTABLE: The magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. To get something you never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done! Screw what others may say about you! As soon as you perfect the ZERO EFF’S GIVEN mentality then you’re on your way! Dive into a new project or start that business you’ve been secretly thinking about!
  • MORNING ROUTINE, GET ONE!: All moms are busy!! We all have 24 hours in a day so let’s stop using being a mom as an excuse. Say no to unimportant social media snooping and yes to me-time! Find a time that best serves you and makes it your sacred time to take care of yourself! This may be a workout, coffee time alone, working on a side hustle or taking an online course. Find time and give yourself permission to indulge in self-care.
  • SET YOUR INTENTIONS! This is a biggie! Take the time to jot down what didn’t make you happy in 2018. What didn’t serve you? Was it your job? Your stress level? Lack of couple time with your spouse? Lack of play time with your kids? It’s important to point them out in order to start 2019 with new intentions.

I hope you show up in 2019 in a BIG WAY!

Wishing you all the health and happiness in the New Year ahead!

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